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Valeria Acuzio
Wild Spanish Rose
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Valeria Acuzio.jpg
Full Name Valeria Acuzio
Birthday November 13th, 1976
Birthplace Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain ‎
Current Residence Palm Springs, Florida
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5'7
Weight 125 lbs
Ethnicity Spanish/Italian
Family Acuzio
Affiliation Neutral
Roleplayer -


Valeria Acuzio was born in the Balearic Islands on November 13th, 1976. Her mother and father were both born into lower class families never rising above where they came from. After Valeria, they tried harder to make their life better, for her. Stubborn, Valeria didn't appreciate the pathetic attempt and fled the squalor, and wretched future she imagined.

In the life she made, Valeria is the mother of the Acuzio twins, Jovanna and Dextra. Valeria was 16 when she gave birth to them, their father Basilius was an older man, a much older man who had taken a liking to Valeria instantly. Valeria had nothing without him, although she was not attracted she took her place in his life and never looked back. Valeria was let into a world of opportunity.

With Basilius, Valeria could have anything she wanted. At the time, the last thing on her constantly growing list of desires was children, of course, Basilius had chosen her just for that purpose. He was an old man, and he knew could die at almost anytime. His health was checked daily, and aside from his wife the only other person to go where he went was her personal assistant and his personal physician.

After a lengthy discussion with his doctor, Basillius decided that Valeria was going to to be the mother to his children, whether she expected it or not. Basilius made an attempt to coax Valeria into starting a family, he failed and his alternate option was set in motion. Every night while they 'slept' Basilius' physician would dose Valeria in her sleep. Within three months she was pregnant, with the girls, the Acuzio twins Jovanna Liberty and Dextra Victorien Acuzio.


Valeria is a fiery woman, she does not play games. Valeria is also very street smart, and resourceful.