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Enna Jourdain
"People say running away is 'the easy way out'. It's not."
Full Name Enna Madison Jourdain
Birthday June 25th
Birthplace Iowa
Current Residence On the run
Hair Colour Blond
Eye Colour Grey
Height 4 feet 5 inches
Weight 7.3 stone
Ethnicity Irish, English, French, Fox
Family Daisy Jourdain (Mother)

Julian Jones (Father)
Liana Murphy (Elder half-sister)
Noah Jourdain (Younger half-brother)

Affiliation Neutral
Roleplayer Rabbitty
Full Name Garikai Chipunza
Birthday December 3rd
Birthplace Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Current Residence {{{Current Residence}}}
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 11 stone
Ethnicity Zimbabwean (Shona)
Family Mandida Chipunza (Mother)

Tongai Chipunza (Father)

Tatenda Chipunza (Elder sister)

Chidiwa Marufu (Younger sister)

Jekuche Chipunza (Uncle)

Vanesu Chipunza (Aunt)

Watipa, Zvamaita, Rangarirai & Nqobile Chipunza (Cousins)

Babandiishe Chipunza (Grandfather)

Huan Chipunza (Grandmother)

Affiliation Optivus
Roleplayer Rabbitty

Word Economies[]

  • North America - America
  • South America - Brazil
  • Europe - Germany
  • Africa - South Africa
  • Asia - China
  • Oceania - Australia


Jeannine - Samuel

                 Babandiishe + Huan
      Moyos      ____________|__________
        |        |                     |
     Mandida + Tongai               Jekuche + Vanesu
    _________|___________         __________|_______________________
    |         |         |         |         |           |          |
Tatenda   Garikai   Chidiwa     Watipa   Zvamaita   Rangarirai   Nqobile


Possible Names: Luciana, Marisol, Sonia, Rosangela, Maricela, Zenaida

__ is the only child of her single mother __. Since her mother didn't have a partner, she reached out to her own family for help raising her daughter.

Full Name -
Birthday -
Birthplace -
Current Residence Thedge
Hair Colour White-Blond
Eye Colour Teal
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 7.9 stone
Ethnicity American (Spanish, Greek, Latina)
Family (Mother)
Apollo López (Uncle)
Emerald López (Aunt)
Lysandra López (Cousin)
Lyra López (Cousin)
Affiliation Neutral
Roleplayer Rabbitty

To her mother's relief she look nothing like her father, but she don't look much like her mother either. Despite her family Mediterranean and Latin heritage, she has very fair coloring. Her long hair is white-blond, with some light brown undertones. She has light teal eyes.