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It was a time of quiet and of waiting. The air was cold and tender. A light wind blew up from the southwest so that the farmers were mildly hopeful of a good rain before long; but fog and rain did not go together.

–John Steinbeck

Hello. I'm Rabbitty. Lilly asked me to come, and it looks interesting. I'm a little self-conscious about being about this wiki; the other users here are the ones who's pages I look at to learn about coding. Adrienne is my Council character, and Tatenda and Garikai are my Optivus characters. Leah isn't really true neutral, she's neutral because she's not really capable of being anything else.

Adrienne Tremblay - Proud Canadian
Talk - We shall be Canadians first, foremost, and always, and our policies will be decided in Canada and not dictated by any other country.
"Bonjour. Mon nom est Adrienne Tremblay," she said, then switched to English and repeated it. "Hello. My name's Adrienne Tremblay."

Adrienne Zoé C. Tremblay is the Canadian Council Representative. At 24, she is on the younger edge of acceptable, and sometimes airy and unfocused. She got in on the word of her absent father.

Leah Somnium
Talk - You’re a darling. But you see, I’m not as sad as I should be. And that’s what makes me sad.
She kept her eyes down and shuffled out of your way.

Leah Amalasuintha D. Somnium is the older of the two Somnium sisters. They don't really know what's wrong with her. She doesn't hear voices like her sister, or fear leaving the house, like her mother. But you're looking for someone who's crazy, with limited acknowledgment of your presence, she's your girl.

Tatenda Chipunza
Talk - To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.
"Hello," she said curtly. "I am Tatenda Chipunza"

Tatenda M. Chipunza is the eldest of the 3 Chipunza siblings. When they found out the truth about why their parents had been killed when they were children, Tatenda took it upon her self to — not so much avenge then as finish her father's unfinished work as a member of the Optivus, and has spent the last 12 years doing precisely that.

Also, I think I'll make Tatenda's brother Garikai at some point.