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“But because two can play at this game, I stand on tiptoe and kiss his cheek. Right on his bruise. ”
and may the odds be ever in your favour

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Hello, strangers. As you can tell I am an avid Hunger Games fan. No, I do not want you to call me 'avid hunger games fan.' If you want something straight forward just call me Lilly or Lil, and if you want to you can come up with a wacky nickname entirely of your own. These will be listed under the 'Nicknames' tabber of my userpage, so go peep if it is of interest to you.

I live in a small island out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sea. Yes, I think you people call it the UK...yes, that's it. I have the accent, yes. I really do, but not one you would get from all them Londoner people upcountry. I am, as I understand it a rare species among these Wikians. I am a Bureaucrat on this wiki.

It went inactive until, on the thirteenth of February I felt obligated to do something after the founder Kiraly went inactive on every wiki. We all miss her,and I feel like I had a sort of special relationship with her, as we were on chat all the time plotting various schemes. I am working to get this wiki back up and running just in case she ever returns to these lands.

Please sign your sig if you visited, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)