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... yes I said yes I will Yes. - Molly Bloom's soliloquy
I am Kiraly aka Kirá

Alter Ego Roleplay Wiki was created by me with inspiration from RP wikis and a random idea I had one day. A lot of details are still being worked out and a lot of the wiki still needs to be put together, if you have some great ideas or want to participate in a way that is more than just as a character, please let me know.

See you around. – Ki (talk)

  • K is for krazy, Extra special crazy because it has a K.
  • I is for invisible, I'm not but sometimes I go unseen.
  • R is for ridiculous, It's fun! I recommend you try it.
  • A is for abstract, Thinking outside the box then jumping in.
  • L is for light, ... For I'm as free as a bird now.
  • Y is for "Y" Why not ask why? It's how we learn isn't it...
  • The letters and definitions for my name were made up by me. With a little help from a friend.

Kira's Box of Sand


  • Council
Image Name Summary
Dahlia Moon2.png Dahlia Moon Dahlia is a member of The Council and the Representative for America. She is very strong minded and serious but with a zany sense of humor.
Lys7.jpg Lysandra López Lysandra is employed as a Council Law Enforcement Officer (C.L.E.O.). For all intents and purposes she could be considered the good one.
  • Neutral
Image Name Summary
Jaxon Pembrook2.jpg Jaxon Pembrook Jaxon is supplier, a dealer if you must. He gets what he can from Council or Optivus and sells it to whomever is willing to pay top dollar.
  • Optivus
Image Name Summary
Orrin2.jpg Orrin Xavier Orrin is a Hunter, and a member of Optivus. He is an outsider and does not interact much with the other members, he is also lesser known than most.