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Possible Names

Arissa Mackenzie Brayden
Evander Apolonio Haris
Rory Finn Tatum
Scarlett Iris Adder
Caelan Ronan Gallagher
Harper Marley Cameron
Rhys Cillian Gabriel
Aurora Raven Papadakis
Peter Jacob Møller
Tempest Ophelia Pagan
Gunner Wyatt Ryker
Ella Carys Addison
Damian Iver Halbert
Brielle Aislinn Owen
Noah Anton Carter
Seren Amelia Gavin
Aksel Olaf Møller


Adoption chars

Delaney Reagan

About Delaney

Delaney is an ethnically American, she was born in the Republic of Seychelles (Seychelles), she maintains dual citizenship. Her mother and father travelled, extensively, being pregnant with Delaney wasn't going to stop them, even after she was born they continued to leave the country. Leaving Delaney with a family member (an Aunt she calls mom). Her parents were on a return trip from Ghana when Delaney was three months old. They died.

Delaney was reared in an average upper class environment, she knows nothing of her biological parents believing the fraud that she was living to be her life. During the 'big move' when her mother and father relocated to Council Housing she discovered her Birth Certificate. Inwardly, Delaney changed. She was in a sense paranoid, she felt everyone was out to get her. From her point of view her life had been a lie, now she was free to seek the truth.

Mariazinha Nicodemo


Full Name Chlöe Jade Kennedy
Pronunciation KLOH-ee
Meaning Verdant and blooming
Nickname Chlo, Ken
Birthday -
Native Language -
Height 5'5
Eye Colour Grey (Varies)
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour Light
Occupation (former)


Chlöe J. Kennedy

About Chlöe

Chlöe Kennedy was adopted by Celeste and Mason Kennedy as a small child. Celeste was unable to conceive, the couple were never certain that adoption was the right choice for them until they learned that Mason was sterile. Without the option to start their family 'the natural' way, they looked into adoption and very soon found little Chlöe. Chlöe Jade Kennedy, as she came to be called was a Kennedy from the moment they set eyes on her.  

She was a darling child, quiet and happy. Chlöe almost never cried as an toddler, she laughed and smiled all the time. The quicker she aged the more Celeste and Mason worried of telling her she was adopted. They never imagined how it would make Chlöe feel to know that the two people she loved most in the world were no one to her. They belived she would want to know where she came from, any biological concerns only they would know.

Chlöe took the news in stride, on her face she kept a smile. "Ok." was all she said. A little bothered, only because it dampened the world she thought she knew. Chlöe loved Mason and Celeste, them 'adopting' her meant nothing. Her bio 'rent had given her up with not much care as to what would happen to her. With that thought she felt - lucky. Lucky to be alive and lucky that the Kennedy's had saved her, and given her the family everyone deserves to have.




Strengths and Weaknesses