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Write my name on the stars so you can see it where ever you are ... Roc The Life - Rita Ora

Hailo! I'm Belle Linda. You can call me Belle
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Honest engine I am no expert wiki user or roleplayer. ^__^ I do love it, and I am kind of addicted to the teaming life and expression of code among the wikis I am a member of.

Really real Two friends of mine got me hooked dollsdivine and RP. I am excited about everything all the time, I am 'online' often but not always logged in. I skulk around seeing what people are up to, I have my own wiki that is still a baby, based on Futurama If you are familiar with the show (even if you are not) please come visit me!

Creating creations My own characters that show my creativity, and carry tiny aspects of me are my favorite part of wiki RP. I love to adopt characters, take the abandoned ideas of others and turn it into something I can be proud of too. That makes me feel even more creative then a creation of my own.

Spontaneous combustion I am a big fan of random, variety is literally the spice of life. Monotony bores me endlessly. I am a user of 2 different HP themed wikis, they are similar in the HP (school) theme but still very different. My wiki and this wiki do not compare to them at all, in size or activity. This wiki is new(er) than mine, and mine is not school based at all. I do have a school on it ... I probably shouldn't be comparing them, as one inspired the rest.

If you are still there reading this, Hi! You are an exceptional person for hanging in through all of that nonsense above where I rambled and probably contradicted myself.

-Belle Linda

My Characters[]