Alter Ego Roleplay Wiki


Thedge (th-EH-d-juh) is a collection of tents, with the occasion shanty hut. Flags flutter across the field — An eagle holding a serpent in its talons, a rainbow, or a picture of the planet Earth. The "purpose" of the tent city isn't unanimous. Most people there would say it's just where they live, and to get lost, not everyone can afford an apartment you know.

It's hard to walk through the tent city. Most of the time tents are spaced very close together — there isn't space to waste. And look carefully, clothes lines can be almost invisible until you walk into one. And walking through someone else's campsite is rude, don't you know? Your best bet for making it through the maze it to follow one of the children who run among the tents — they all know the place like the back of their hand.