Alter Ego Roleplay Wiki

Weapons are readily available to (Essential) Council personnel and residents (of age) in B.R.A.S.S. (Bureau of Restricted Assets Specialist Sector), C.H.A (Council Housing Authority).

  • Available to (Non-essentials) the public (Neutral zone Thedge, Stores/Food Banks/Shelters/Hostels) with permit & license
  • Available to Optivus through trade or smuggle, proper channels with a Council/Neutral/Optivus connection

  • chemical warfare (CW)

  • Biological warfare germ warfare (BW)

  • Nuclear warfare (sometimes atomic warfare or thermonuclear warfare)

unconventional warfare (UW)

Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP)

Cyberweapons - malware

available to Council personnel and residents in housing.
available to the public with permit & license

(archaic) able to be modified

directed-energy weapon (DEW) 
A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits energy in an aimed direction without the
means of a projectile. It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect.
Intended effects may be non-lethal or lethal.

Particle beam weapons
A particle beam weapon uses a high-energy beam of atomic or subatomic 
particles to damage the target by disrupting its atomic and/or molecular
Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) are weapons of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some of these weapons have been described as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or sonic cannons.
Electromagnetic radiation - Lasers
   Gamma radiation
   X-ray radiation
   Ultraviolet radiation
   Visible radiation
   Infrared radiation
   Terahertz radiation
   Microwave radiation
   Radio waves
Pulsed Energy Projectile or PEP is a technology of non-lethal weaponry, It
involves the emission of an invisible laser pulse which, upon contact with the
target, ablates the surface and creates a small amount of exploding plasma.
This produces a pressure wave that stuns the target and knocks them off their
feet, and electromagnetic radiation that affects nerve cells causing a painful
A plasma weapon is any theoretical firearm designed to use plasma 
(high-energy ionized gas) as a weapon. The plasma is typically intended 
to be created by superheating lasers or superfrequency devices.
Such weapons can be intended to be lethal, causing death by serious burns or the melting of targets, or non-lethal and intended to disrupt electronics using an electromagnetic pulse.


PEP (Pulsed Energy Projectile) or EM (Electromagnetic radiation) weapons
blades, guns, grenades, batons

Electroshock weapon
Stun batons
Skunk weapon - (malodorant, non-lethal weapon used for crowd control)
Ocular distraction (ocular interrupter) device

Visible Radiation (Plasma) Knives, Daggers, Swords
PEP Telescopic Steel (Sonic) Baton

Electronics (archaic)

Projectiles (archaic)
Guns, Crossbows, Bows and Arrows