Alter Ego Roleplay Wiki

Possible and Existing community locations for unspecified RP, any character of any affiliation should be welcome to RP there. Unlike with C.L.E.O. Barracks (or Council HQ) which will be Council only.

Please add any locations that you think are appropriate to any section, please also try to included a name that is fitting, what the location is in the section where it will located.

Each section should include (at least) one Park, Restaurant, Neighborhood (C.L.E.O. Barracks), Apartment building, etc. (Arcade, Beach, assortment of Shops, Tavern/Club)

NOTE: IE Technologies Inc. is the company that manufactures the voice automated technology, and biometric identification implants (chips) that every citizen has. (Except Neutral/Optivus chars who mention it on their character page.)

Example - Astor Archambault - Luxury French Apartments


Statue Of Liberty - American Attraction
Arden Lee Park - American Park
Cobble Stone Yard - American Gastropub
D.C. - American (Neutral) Tourist Attraction/Destination (Council Headquarters)
Ivy Terrace - American Apartments
- C.L.E.O. Barracks
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company


Winnipeg - Canadian Tourist Attraction/Destination
Tisserand - Canadian Forêt
Grogne Ventre - Canadian Bistro and Brasserie
Quantile Arms - Canadian Apartments
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company
Maple Tree Hill - Forestry company (Wood products)


Popayán - Colombian Tourist Attraction


London - British Attraction/Destination
The Little Teacup- British Fine dining restaurant
Queen's Mead Woods - British Apartments
IE Tech. - Biotech company


Paris - French Tourist Attraction/Destination
Jardin Floraison Atlantique - French Garden/Parc
- French five star restaurant
Astor Archambault - Luxury French Apartments
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company


Nuremberg - German Tourist Attraction/Destination
Buntsandstein - German Nature Park/Forest
Öffnen Kreis - VolxKüche
- German Delikatessen
Deer Creek House - German Apartments
Vundervahr Camp - Campsite
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company


- Greek Attraction/Destination
θεαματικότητα (Theamatikóti̱ta)- Greek Forest
- Greek Tavernas (or Ouzeries)
The Columns - Greek Apartments


Cinque Terre - Italian Tourist Attraction/Destination
- Italian Ristorante
Firewood Pines - Italian Apartments
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company


Tokyo - Japanese Tourist Attraction/Destination
IE Technologies Inc. - Biotech company


Guimarães - Portuguese Tourist Attraction/Destination


- Scottish Tourist Attraction/Destination
- Scottish Fish Bar
Imray House - Scottish Apartments

South Africa

Jacaranda City - South African Tourist Attraction/Destination


Cadiz - Spanish Tourist Attraction/Destination
- Spanish Asador
The Pride of Spain - Luxury Spanish Apartments


Jönköping - Swedish Tourist Attraction/Destination
- Swedish husmanskost
Malthouse Meadow - Swedish Apartments