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This is the home of schizophrenic Lyssa, insane Leah, agoraphobic Adina and graphomanic Maximilian. Located in the state of Vermont on America, most people give the place a wide berth; they don't want to be affected by them in any way. Lyssa generally keeps to her rooms, Leah wanders around like a ghost, Maximilian's always hunched over writing, and Adina never puts so much as a toe outside.


Leah Somnium
Talk - 13:04, July 9, 2013 (UTC)
She hummed softly to herself as she pulled her fingers across the tabletop, part brushing her fingers against the wood, part drumming with her fingers to accompany her humming. She looked up at the wall, but she seemed to be seeing through it, as though the thing she was looking at was beyond the wall.

Lyssa - Schizophrenic Somnium

 – "If I see things that aren't there, I call it reality. You call it insanity."

She hid fearfully underneath the cover of her bed, twitching stiffly in fear, before realising in horror there might be something there too...waiting. She leapt out, quivering like a leaf, her hair blank and her eyes gazing suspiciously at everything in the room.