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Møller Haus
Peter Møller's Zuhause


Møller Haus is the two story home of Peter Møller, located in Erfurt, Germany. Peter purchased this house after his promotion to the Housing Authority with the Council. He lives alone not seeing much of his brothers, his parents are not far off in Western Germany. Peter is a secretive man but he is also charming, he spends a lot of time at work, and he is smart enough to perform his research outside of his home.



Peter - Peter Møller
Council Housing Authority - Germany

Peter walked in to his home leaving his blazer on the coat rack and his keys in the bowl on the table by the door. He walked further into the home closing the door behind him and heading to his bedroom. He changed from his usual work attire consisting of a button up shirt, silk, tie, grey trousers and a leather belt into black slacks a button up shirt a blazer and a bowler hat. He walked back out of his bedroom grabbing something from inside a drawer and his keys from the bowl on the table by the door before he locked up and left.