Orrin Xavier

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Full Name Orrin Seth Xavier
Birthday November 7th
Birthplace Grimsby, England
Current Residence Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Amber
Height 5'11
Weight 170lbs
Ethnicity English American (British/American)
Family Xavier
Affiliation Optivus
Roleplayer Kira


Orrin is a given name derived from Odran or Odhran meaning "pale green" (in Irish), meaning pale-skinned or white (in Scottish), meaning "pine tree" (in Hebrew).

Seth is a Greek form of the Egyptian Swtkh (reconstructed as Sutekh), which possibly means "pillar" or "dazzle". It is also of Hebrew origin, and the meaning "set, or appointed".

Xavier comes from the name of the Catholic Saint Francis Xavier, where Xavier stands for the saint's birthplace, the town of Javier (Xabier in Basque; Xavier in Old Spanish) in Navarre, Spain. The place name is itself the romanization of the Basque expression etxe berri, meaning "new house" or "new home".


Orrin Seth Xavier
was born in Little Grimsby and brought up in Newcastle until the age of seven when his mother and father - Florence and Emerson - relocated their small family to an even smaller town in America, the Appalachian region of Harpers Ferry, West Virgina. Orrin speaks with no obvious accent, but does have a habit of playing one up in the company of others. Orrin, through his father is an only child. his parents separated not long after moving to West Virginia, his mother left his father for a wealthier man, and American man. Emerson was devastated, he never let his true feelings show and Orrin found strength in this. He was very sad that his mother had left them, he like his father still loved her and prayed that she would come back.

At the age of nine Orrin was taught wilderness survival skills, he and his father would take treks through the mountains returning with wild game that they would clean and cook themselves. Orrin learned very quickly how to hold a knife, shoot a gun, and strip the meat off a carcass leaving only bone before he was 13 years old, he values this greatly. By the age of 20 his father had reached the old age of 63, he had never taken very good care of himself aside from the trekking he used to do in the mountains. At the point where he could barely walk up the stairs in the house he now had to depend on Orrin which he hated. There were days he would beg, and plead with Orrin to put him out of his misery, neither of them deserved this life.

Never giving in, Orrin continued to hunt and fish, providing for his father, the way his father had done for him. The day his father died, Orrin received a letter, it was from his mother. She was willing to take Orrin into her home, with her family. Orrin was livid, he was her family, but she clearly didn't see that. He accepted the offer he felt insulting, coaxing his mother into keeping his West Virgina home. Well into his mid twenties Orrin was living in his mother's husband's home with their children. He was treated like a house guest, less often then he imagined his mother would often speak to him in the way he remembered, sweetly, and as the close friend he used to think of her as. He had trouble with his siblings, he is 10 years older than either of his sisters.

Nicolette (Nicky) and Tamara (Tammy) are Orrin's younger sisters. Although they fought like cats and dogs during his time with them, under that façade the three of them care very much for one another. Nicky and Tammy only ever had each other, when Orrin came along it was difficult for all of them to adjust to the 'new' in their lives. The girls liked that their father did not like Orrin, it only made them like him even more. Florence had not a single care what anyone thought, she now had her son and her daughters. In her eyes her family was complete. Orrin found a minuscule amount of happiness for a short while, he met a beautiful, deadly woman by the name of Devyn Blake, and he fell in love. A fact he does not know is before that woman abandoned him, much like his mother had done so many years ago, they conceived a child. Fearful of how he would react to the news Devyn left him to raise the child, a daughter - Riannon Xavier - all on her own.

Orrin was done with family life by the time he reached his thirties. Without Devyn his current lifestyle did not hold the same appeal. He no longer felt he should be living off his mother or her husband. He said his goodbyes to his sisters, and his mother leaving them each with small, hand carved wooden statues, for Nicky an owl, for Tammy a sleeping cat, and for his mother he left a sea turtle, then without even a single word to the man who had provided the home he had lived in the last 10 years (give or take)  he returned to his rightful place in West Virginia. Exposure to the good life, and his return to what he is used to should have cemented his stance as a neutral man. Orrin instead joined with Optivus, he is not a known face or name like a few of the younger members, and is not seen often by many of the others. Orrin is and has always been an outsider, he may well remains that way until his death.


Orrin is an older man, his hard life has aged him considerably, he has messy black hair, a goatee and mustache in a greying brown, and cloudy amber eyes, he has three identical scars on the left side of his face spanning the length of his eyebrow and his jaw, he also has a smaller very similar scar below his left eye. He is a rather large man, and misleadingly he is all muscle.


Orrin is the strong silent type, he is very determined, patient, and secretive. He is a fighter and will never give up or back down, he will continue to persevere until his last breath. Orin is essentially a 'good guy', never was it his intention to side with the counter-culture. He was content to live a quiet life in Harpers Ferry even after the death of his father, up until he saw the lifestyle his mother was living.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths:Determined, patient, and secretive

Weaknesses:His mother and sisters


Mother Florence Kenrick (Allsop) Father Emerson Xavier † (Deceased)
Sister Nicolette Kenrick Step-father Joseph Kenrick
Sister Tamara Kendrick
 (Allsop) Kenrick        Xavier   
    Pauline + Harlan   Melody + Reuben
            |                 |  
     Joseph = Florence        +     Emerson
      ____|_______            |
      |          |            |
    Nicolette Tamara    Orrin = Devyn
    (Nicky)  (Tammy)          |


An assortment of hunting knives

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