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Munro Scanlon

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You cannot beat me if I do not let you.
Full Name Munro Scanlon
Family Scanlon
Ethnicity Irish
Native Language English
Languages Spoken English
Accent (American)
Birthplace Ireland
Birth date August 8th
Occupation -

(former) Mixed Martial Artist

Affiliation Optivus
Likes ealaíona comhraic (martial arts) ; Dornálíocht (boxing), Coraíocht (wrestling), Speachóireacht (kicking), and Batadóireacht (stick fighting)
Dislikes Weakness
Fears/Phobia Being paralyzed
Character flaw Alpha Male Syndorme

About Munro Scanlon
Munro is the first born son of the Irish Scanlon family and the first of his brothers to learn of their chips (implants). Disturbed by the betrayal of his personal privacy, and the invasion of his body Munro located and subsequently removed his chips in front of his brothers and offered to do the same for whomever wanted it. His two youngest brothers were immediate in their decision to join him, his middle brother, the one he thought he was closest to, opposed him. To prove that he supported them, he crushed his brothers' chips and left, never to be seen again. Munro and his youngest brothers banded together, protecting themselves and one another until C.L.E.O. came for them. Munro insisted they run, and they did. Munro put his face out but rarely his name letting his brothers slide by under his presence. When Munro received too much attention and his actual name was mention the boys split up and have been apart since, then. Word on the street is that the three Scanlon boys are Council Reps for Ireland.

Munro was proud that his brother had stood up for himself, he wouldn't have gone as far as crushing the chips but he didn't let that interfere with his - how he remembered one of his brothers. In his attempt to be a better model and ideal of what that brother that stayed with him would need, Munro remolded himself, becoming simultaneously unknown and feared by those who may have heard the name Munro.

Munro is in possession of a select few Council grade weapons ; an electroshock weapon, and an ocular interrupter