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About Mariah Audios…

Mariah Mauricia Audios is the only child of divorced couple Justin and Eve. Life for her is, and always has been, hard for her; she, even as a little girl barely above her father's knee, tried to calm her parents down as they had a row over this and that.

She lives in France,in the apartments with her father Justin. Justin and Eve argue over Mariah, but she lawfully belongs to Justin. She has not seen Eve since she was six and has very blurred memory of her.

​When she puts a face to her mother's name she sees a tall, young woman with long,chestnut brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. She also remembers, from the American school she went to, two older blonde girls , but she hasn't seen them since primary school.


Mariah is a very calm, friendly young girl, with a sensitive nature. She can be a little naïve, as she's very shy and doesn't want to anger people. She likes adventure, but mainly by herself as there is nobody to distract her.


Mariah is pale, has long black hair and a slim build. Her eyes are a deep chocolate like her mother's. She has a scar but she wears make up to cover it, like any normal person.