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Lyssa Somnium

Lyssa Somnium

Schizophrenic Somnium

Family Leah Somnium (Sister)

Adina Somnium née Delirus (Mother)

Maximilian Somnium (Father)

Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Height 6'3"
Weight 125lbs
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Single
Status Alive
Ethnicity American
RPed by Lilly


The Somnium family are a ancient family that are quite feared/well-known across the globe, despite the fact they themselves rarely appear in public. The first rumours about them surfaced many years ago when someone made the connection; they were all crazy. Now everyone understood why Lyssa had scars and Leah acted weird, why Adina never surfaced and Maximilian was always writing.

They lived in a largish house in America, and most people gave the place a wide berth; they didn't want to be affected by them in any way. Adina, who was the most sane, realised this was why they never got visitors and why Lyssa and Leah lacked friends.

Leah was their first born, and she had a undiagnosed form of insanity. That would be why she acted so oddly. When Leah was nine, the next baby came— Lyssa, who was soon diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Life was hard for Adina— her husband was writing, her children were crazy and she could not go outside. So she got her food delivered, shutting her children away when the man came.

They grew, life as hard as ever, Adina trying to school them;children who could not understand her.


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Lyssa has longish blonde hair and very pale skin. She could be considered pretty if she was not stark crazy like the rest of her family. She can look thin and gaunt as almost anything makes her scared. She can have various impressive moodswings, but these are rarely witnessed as she generally keeps to her rooms.




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