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Lysandra López
Council Law Enforcement Officer - C.L.E.O.
(This Character belongs to Kira)

Birth date March 7th
Birthplace Northbrook, Illinois, America
Ethnicity Greek/Spanish
(American by birth)
Hair Colour Blonde (occasionally Brown)
Eye Colour Blue/Grey (Varies)
Height 5'6
Weight 102lbs
Occupation C.L.E.O. (Council Law Enforcement Officer)
Current Residence Lysandra's place - Barracks
Family López
Affiliation The Council
Roleplayer Kira


Lysandra is a Greek name it is the feminine form of Lysandros meaning release or one who is freed.

Evangelina is a Greek name meaning good news or bearer of good news.

López is patronymical surname meaning "son of Lope." Lope comes from the Spanish form of Lupus, a Latin name meaning "wolf." The Lopes variation of this surname often originates from Portugal.


Lysandra Evangelina López
occasionally known as Lysa (or Sandra in certain circles) was born in Northbrook, Illinois, the eldest daughter in the López family, the child of Emerald and Apollo. Lysandra was doted on by her mother and father from the moment she drew her very first breath. As the eldest child Lysandra was to the be a guiding light and shining example to her younger twin sister, to Lyra. The López family relocated to Manhattan, New York when they girls were very young, they all quickly adopted it as their home.

The sheer fact that Lysandra received as much attention, and affection as she did is unheard of by psychological standards as she is the oldest. Lysandra had a wonderful relationship with her mother and her father, she tried very hard to have the same type of comfortable relationship with her sister. It always felt so forced, neither sister seemed comfortable with that. When the girls were only 14 there was an altercation between them, in another attempt to get along things went wrong, fast. Lysandra and Lyra have parted ways since then with little more than a Bye.

Lysandra has affiliated with The Council, while little sister Lyra was bound for Optivus. Between the two girls, Lysandra could be considered the good twin, with the better part of their upbringing in her memory, she can still display the same negative personality traits as her sister in a less obvious way.


Lysandra is a classic beauty, she does not need a lot of make-up to look pretty, it also does not hurt her appearance to wear it. She has pale skin, smooth and flawless, she has a heart shaped face accentuated by her large, round, bright blue eyes, and light blonde hair.


Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Lysandra can be very unpredictable and convincing, if she were a poker player she would clean house. She is a bundle of nerves under a cool and very composed exterior.

Lysandra is fearful of Optivus, not for her own life or well-being. She does not have a care what they would or could do to her, she worries for Lyra.



Father  Apollo † Mother  Emerald †
Sister  Lyra
           Apollo + Emerald
             |         |
          Lysandra    Lyra


Lysa doesn't have much of a social standing outside of her working "identity". Most of the people she knows are lowlifes, who only know her Sandra or Sandy, and they have no clue that she works for the Council. Even fewer people know that she is the older twin sister to the infamous Lyra.

Associate Jax Pembrooke Associate Gemma Ortiz


Lysandra's Place

EM blades, Telescopic batons, Sonic guns, Ocular interrupter