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Lyra Esperanza López
Full Name Lyra Esperanza López
Birthday March 7
Birthplace Illinois
Current Residence Optivus Base
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Grey
Height 5'7
Weight 97lbs
Ethnicity Spanish, Greek (American by birth)
Family López
Affiliation Optivus
Roleplayer Lilly


Lyra Esperanza López is the Council's most wanted person at present. At 19 years of age, and with a strong Council family influence by her mother during childhood,this is quite an achievement.

The family lived in Manhattan, though she was born in Illinois; and she and her twin sister Lysandra were extremely close - you would barely ever see them apart. The two were a bit of a psychological enigma - the pair getting the same amount of attention was something practically unheard of.

They expected to stay together - this expectant nature is probably what shattered the pair's relationship; so it was hard for the both of them - Lyra too, even though she would never admit it - when they decided to take opposite paths.

However, eventually, Lyra's defences crumbled and she had to confess to her sister how she was feeling. The estranged pair slowly began to see one another again, but never quite returned to the way they were as children; for the both of them the feeling of betrayal was far too strong for that.

Lyra is very unsure now that she made the right decision, but knows that her options are stay, or risk being hunted down and killed. As much as she loves Lysa, her distrust of the Council sticks and she really isn't willing to die; Optivus still seems to fit the young teen like a glove, so she's still fairly happy where she is.

She currently resides at the Optivus Base whenever she is fortunate to stay anywhere for more than a few days. She is on the run from the Council whilst in search of an all important file that may prove everything.Of course, and to a degree understandably so, want to dispose of her so that all their secrets are not revealed to the general public.

More than once she has been labeled the 'stalker' of the world to make her seem more horrible to the world and to warp what they believe even further than it was before.


Lyra, deep below the shell, is a kind person - dismissing the stereotype of evil people going to Optivus. She doesn't have evil intentions, but is merely acting on her distrust of the Council and taking the other pathway. She doesn't want to overthrow the Council - merely prove that she was right and to finally have something to hold over Lysa's head.

She doesn't deal well with betrayal - she is still shaky from the incident between her and Lysa. She had believed that Lysa would agree with her, follow her so they could succeed together; but it appeared that Lysa was not the lost sheep she had envisioned, not  at all.


Lysandra López[]

Lyra's relationship with her sister is shaky to say the least, since neither one has ever truly gotten over the other's 'betrayal' although most of the time they act like they have. Lyra's unsure how she feels about her sister - sure, she loves her, but has never been able to look at her in quite the same way since she joined the enemy...

Carlos Santaño[]

Her 'colleague.' It is her job to supervise communication with the newest member, and to make notes of what he said. She resents the job and is glad that his wife knows nothing of this aspect, both for his sake and hers.

Soraya Madison[]

Soraya is younger than her, and Lyra is a bit of a big sister to the sixteen year old. Soraya assists in looking for the file, although the Council do not know this, as the two have attained a 'Where you go, I go' relationship, and not just for the camera. Lyra feels Soraya is more of her sister than Lysa is.



  • Her model is Elle Fanning.
  • She prefers to sleep on a couch than in a bed.
  • She is allergic to nutmeg.