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Leah Amalasuintha Somnium
One person's craziness is another person's reality.

- Tim Burton

Full Name Leah Amalasuintha Somnium
Birthday November 4th
Birthplace Rural Vermont, America
Current Residence Rural Vermont, America
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Height 5 feet, 4 inches
Weight 8.8 stone
Ethnicity American (English, Italian, Scottish)
Family Adina Delirus (Mother)
Maximilian Somnium (Father)
Lyssa Somnium (Sister)
Affiliation Somnium Family
Roleplayer Rabbitty


Leah family (the Somniums, as well as the Deliruses) are mad, plain and simple. Leah was raised in her family's…strange…household in Vermont. Most people gave the place a wide berth; they didn't want to be affected by them in any way.

Leah was their first born, and she had a obviously insane. She was born at home — her agoraphobic mother never left the house — and a doctor never saw Leah. Adina, who was the otherwise sane, knew that any doctor would take the baby away from her equally crazy parents. So one never saw little Leah, and her specific form of madness was never discovered. Her mother thinks maybe some kind of metal disability.

When Leah was nine, the next baby came — Lyssa, who was pretty clearly schizophrenic. Adina "home-diagnosed" Lyssa — the symptoms in the home-medicine book that usually just used to treat colds, matched Lyssa — plus Lyssa acted very much like Adina's schizophrenic uncle. Due to her family's various ailments, Leah was left to her own devices a lot.

Life was hard for Adina — her graphomaniac husband was writing, her children were crazy and she could not go outside. So she got her food delivered, shutting her children away when the man came.

They grew, life as hard as ever, Adina trying to school them; children who could not understand her.

Adina's daughters are now 24 and 16, and very little has changed aside from their height.


Leah is crazy. Insane. Her exactly type was never identified. Her craziness covers most of her personality, which without it would be a rather kind, caring person.

Much of the time, Leah scarcely seems to be in this world, her vision and mind elsewhere; not seeing to even be aware of the people and things that surround her. She'll look past things, her point of vision seeming to beyond the far wall. But although she doesn't seem to see or be aware of the things around her, she never bumps into them. On the rare occasion she is focused on something she's get interested it in, not moving for the whole day.

Other times, she can get more like her sister — scared of everything. And on the rare occasion, she can have horrible screaming fits — screaming relentlessly and thrashing about violently.


Her hair is brown, rather wavy, and bobs around her shoulders. Adina brushes it whenever she can get Leah to let her, but it's usually rather messy. And once a year or so, Adina hacks off a few inches with her big sewing scissors. Leah's eyes are green, she she stands at a rather short height.

Mostly she wears her worn orange dress. It's from when she was younger and it's a little small for her now. She hates shoes, and never wears them, although sometimes her mother makes her wear stockings in the winter.


Adina Delirus — Mother Maximilian Somnium — Father Lyssa Somnium — Sister
Eligius Delirus — Grandfather Amy Delirus — Grandmother Anthony Somnium — Grandfather Aileen Somnium — Grandmother


Name Relation Feelings
Adina Mother She loves her, in her own way, but she's also very intimidated by her.
Maximilian Father Indifferent.
Lyssa Younger sister Lyssa is her sister, 8 years younger than her. Lyssa usually stays in her rooms and Leah doesn't see much of her.