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Kiku Zang

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I'm young, but experienced, with a brain within.
Full Name Kiku Zang
Family Zang
Ethnicity Japanese
Native Language Japanese
Languages Spoken English, Japanese, Romanji
Accent None
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birth date February 13
Occupation Intern
Affiliation Council
Likes Chocolate, Tech etc.
Dislikes Spiders
Fears/Phobia Spiders and sharks
Character flaw Sometimes a hothead.

About Kiku Zang
A young Council intern looking out for the people of Japan, Kiku is a young man learning about the workings of the Council. He does put his opinion in timidly at times, as there is no adult representative, but it is, as such, ignored due to his age. Kiku Zang, 18, was born on February 13, to two rather rich parents. His parents, however, did not marry for love, but rather for economic welfare. As such, he was left to his own devices in the house, allowed to do as he liked. When his parents were out young Kiku would often stay in his bedroom drawing the sunset sky. When he turned ten, he seemed to want to explore a little more. He would often make himself a small meal and began to become more bookish, often devoting himself to the library, even bringing his mattress, laptop and alcove down. He pretty much lived in the library, making himself meals occasionally and up researching till late, He locked the door and turned out the light so his drunken parents could not reach him. At thirteen, he became more and more interested in Politics, especially the Council— and looked up the current representatives. There was no Japan rep, but there was a small ad. ‘INTERNS NEEDED.’ Kiku spent the next three years learning as much about politics as he could, and became very knowledgeable, able to give long debates on the subject. He applied a while ago, and is hoping to become a full-fledged Councilor soon.

He's clever yet can be a bit of a hothead. He prefers to get his own way and can be very manipulative in various scenarios, especially meetings and debates. He always tries to get Japan to be benefited in any politics imposed, but he is quite often ignored and unsupported, as the older councilors would often view his arguments as futile and generally look down on him due to his 'lack of experience' and young age.

Kiku owns the house he used to live in, since his parents passed. It contains many rooms and pieces of expensive equipment in his suite. He prefers not to have visitors, so not many people know what it is like inside.