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Jaxon Pembrook

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Jaxon Pembrook.jpg
Full Name Jaxon Carter Pembrook
Birthday April 15th
Birthplace Terrell Hills, Texas
Current Residence His Townhouse (Texas)
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Height 5'11
Weight 155 lbs
Ethnicity American
Family Pembrook
Affiliation -
Roleplayer Kira


Jaxon is a name of English origin pronounced JAK-sən, its meaning is Jack's son.

Carter is an English name pronounced KAR ter, its meaning is transporter of materials.

Pembrook is a name of Welsh origin, meaning from the headland; rocky hill.


Jaxon Carter Pembrook
was born in Terrell Hills, Texas April 15th, 1984. The son of Jack Pembrook and Bailey Carter, Bailey and Jack were high school sweethearts, they married fresh out of college and had their first child, son Jaxon not long after. Jaxon was their pride and joy, he does have a younger sister — four years younger to be exact — Tristan Bailey Pembrook.

Despite the difference in age Jax and Tris have a very good relationship. He didn't go out of his way to fend for her, and he didn't overstep his boundaries as an older brother. Tris on the other hand played the little sister card very, very well. She stayed a step or two behind always catching wind of Jax' business, good or bad.

Annoying as it was to have his little sister on his tail —Jax knew all the while — he never let on, because he knew that she would keep him out of too much trouble. The Pembrook family is Council affiliated, they have never lived in Council housing, and they were never members. What they always have been is affluent.


Jaxon is a an attractive man by most standards, he has blonde hair that looks much more brown than blonde, he has very pale green eyes that look more blue than green. Jaxon has tan sun kissed skin, he stands at an occasionally intimidating 5'11" and weighs a very muscular 155 lbs.


Jax is more rough around the edges then much of the Pembrook family, he drinks, he smokes, he swears, he does absolutely everything a Pembrook does not do. He does display a few Pembrook traits, he is charming and adventurous, living up to the 'Carter' name, Jax is a supplier, not for the money in it but for the thrill.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Jaxon is a nice guy, he can be fair and he sometimes optimistic.

Jaxon is also very greedy, he doesn't like be messed around with and doesn't like to lied to.


Father Jack Pembrook Mother Bailey Carter
Sister Tristan Pembrook
        Carter         Pembrook 
         |               |
  Ryan + Dakota   Adam + Lilly
   |            |
  Bailey    +   Jack
     |       |
  Jaxon   Tristan