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The Truth       12th August

The truth is finally out about dangerous Optivus teen Lyra López - and you heard it here first! We got the scoop from her twin sister Lysandra. Hear about the last stand between the good twin and the erroneously aligned twin. - Apparently her departure was not without an argument between, the duo was separated by their different ideals unexpectedly.

"I wasn't expecting to be asked about this..." snapped Lysandra, as she was caught on exiting Council HQ by our eager reporters. "I never expected it to be something everybody would know by now." She shrugged. "So, what do you really expect to hear..."

"We were perfectly normal..." Lysandra retorts to a barrage of questions regarding the girls upbringing. "She told me she had made her decision. Funnily enough, I had also made mine - they were opposite choices."

"... and in the end she walked out on me. I watched her go, and that was the last I ever saw of her."

That's the story right from the issue we hope to get the scoop from Sweden's very own former Council Rep!