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Baby makes three 5th September

Sweden's Former Council Representative Linnéa Hellström is steeped in controversy involving herself, Representative for America Dahlia Moon, and Mrs. Moon's husband Ulysses. The trio are the center of torrid rumors and fascination. Miss Hellström's sudden and unexpected departure from Council did noting the quell suspicion as to her loyalties.

Mrs. Moon declined requests to speak with us as did her husband. We were able to catch Miss Hellström as she entered the Swedish Council Headquarters. "I have nothing to say on the matter, and I would appreciate if my privacy was respected." A curt response from Linnéa for our reporters on her entry, we waited around and caught her as she left the building. "Representing the Council was not - in my best interest." She clearly struggled to find those words. "As you can see Sweden allowed for my amicable departure."

"I would prefer not to comment." Linnéa replies to questions regarding her growing "baby" bump. "Representative Moon and I are colleagues and acquaintances, the same goes for her spouse. I consider all my colleagues, their significant others and families to be my acquaintances."

"... It is impossible to do what is best for Sweden when constantly being requested in one country or another. I made the choice to remain in Sweden, to fulfill my duties to the Council from native soil. "

Tight lipped she is, but keep with us folks we'll wear her down yet! ... Next issue we've got an impromptu interview with Dahlia Moon.