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Hrfann Eystienson
Optivus - Icelandic Council Intern
(This Character belongs to Frejah)

Full Name Hrfann Eystienson
Birthday January 5th
Birthplace Stykkishólmur, West, Iceland
Current Residence Apartment Q - Vík, South Iceland
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Height 6'1¼
Weight 175lbs
Ethnicity Icelandic
Family Hinrikson, Mínervudóttir
Affiliation Optivus (Infiltrating Icelandic Council)
Roleplayer Frejah

Hrfan Eysteinn - Icelandic -.jpg
Hrfann Eysteinson - Optivus - Iceland
Talk - Icelandic Council Intern
"Bara brosa og veifa."


Hrfann Gottfreð Bæron Eystienson was born in Stykkishólmur, West, Iceland. He is the youngest child, and the only son of Eystien Henrikson and Bryndís Mínervudóttir. He was a very special little boy from the moment he came to be, Hrfann is a parasitic twin. He engulfed his younger sister in the womb, and has been ingesting anything in his path since. He was raised with Council influence by an Optivus father and his Council born Neutral raised mother. Hrfann has an implanted chip, because of this his father knew that the boy could never join beside him serving Optivus, Eystein had a better plan for his son. Place him within the Council and let him serve from a higher purpose from within the enemies wall.

Hrfann was trained like any spy, it was drilled into him that he was loyal to Optivus above his family, he was an employee of the Council and he was an obedient student. He would provide whatever details he could of how the G8 conducts itself and he would, if necessary martyr himself before ever drawing attention to Optivus. Hrfann has had little problems, his father's Optivus leaning are well known, but his own and his mother's Council born status often over shadow any doubt.


Hrfann is particularly excellent at being fake, he can manipulate anyone into believing he is a very sweet, genuine, even shy teddy bear of a man. He is just one of the worst examples of human kind that Optivus has to offer. Thief, Drug-Addict, and equal opportunity abuser Hrfann is not a delicate person, during works hours he is the exact opposite of his true nature.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Adventurous, fearless, powerful
He is ambitious, loyal and rigid he will not let anything derail him from his family-focus.

Untrustworthy, possessive, belligerent
Generally her can be very reserved, complacently content. He is highly attentive, he can be soft-spoken and sombre unless he has been provoked