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Hayden Stewart

This Character belongs to Dmullins

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Full Name Hayden Stewart
Family Sophie Stewart: mom Frank Stewart: dad
Ethnicity English
Native Language English
Languages Spoken English French
Accent English Accent
Birthplace France
Birth date October 3rd 1992
Occupation Council
Affiliation The Council
Likes Women, Chocolate, guns, outdoors, books
Dislikes School, tv, indoors
Fears/Phobia Sharks
Character flaw Hates people, likes to be alone

About Hayden Stewart
Hayden was born to a poor family in Prais France. They were Americans but were living in France due to Haydens dads job. Hayden grew up with French kids and learnt the language. At age 3 hayden went to school. He hated school. He was a bit of an underdog and was bullied an picked on quite a bit. He excelled in reading and writing, along with history. But he was border line failing math and science. But the class he realy excelled in was polotics and military science. Every day he looked forward to that class. When Hayden turned 12 he began to work in factorys, stores, markets, mowing lawns, whatever he good do to earn money. He gave 70% of his earnings to his parents and kept some for him to attend college. Hayden turned 17 and recieved a letter about a full scolarship to a political and military science school. He accepted, and though he recieved a rull scholarship, he continued to work and send home money to his parents. 

Hayden graduated with top marks and now lives in paris doing dealings with the Council. He majored in Histroy, military strategy, and politacl science.

Hayden doesn't like people very much. He is a person that likes to be outdoors, by himself, and reading a book. He is tough on the outside, but can be soft on the inside.

Hayden has very few possessions. He does have a fully automatic Thompson machine gun that he uses as well as a German Luger Pistol and a sword.


Birthplace: Paris France
Type of Childhood: Good
Earliest Memory: 2nd Christmas
Pets: Dog
Likes: Women, books, Chocolate, guns
Dislikes: Indoors, people, trafic
Shoe size: Boy 7 medium
Clothing Style: Casual, suit
Childhood fear: Sharks, gangs
Phobia: --
Hobbies: Swimming, writing
Comfort Food(s): Pizza
Vices: --
Secrets: He killed another boy in self defense
Person Secretly Admired: --
Most Influenced By: His Mom
Immediate Goals: Don't die
Long Term Goals: Help the world, put my name in history


Father: Frank Stewart Mother Sophie Stewart

Strengths and Weaknesses

Political smartsmilitary strategy and experince, and communications

Doesnt like working with people, not good at math or science, and is very stubborn