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Full Name: Hayden Stewart
Pronunciation: Hey-den Stew-ert
Meaning: Nothing
Nickname: Hayden
Birthday: October 3
Native Language: English
Height: 5'9
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Colour: White
Signature: Hayden Stewart

Name: Hayden Stewart

Hayden Stewart

About Hayden Stewart 

Hayden Stewart Personality

Birthplace: Paris France
Type of Childhood: Good
Earliest Memory: 2nd Christmas
Pets: Dog
Likes: Women, books, Chocolate, guns
Dislikes: Indoors, people, trafic
Shoe size: Boy 7 medium
Clothing Style: Casual, suit
Childhood fear: Sharks, gangs
Phobia: --
Hobbies: Swimming, writing
Comfort Food(s): Pizza
Vices: --
Secrets: He killed another boy in self deffence 
Person Secretly Admired: --
Most Influenced By: His Mom
Immediate Goals: Dont die
Long Term Goals: Help the world, put my name in history
Father: Frank Stewart Mother Sophie Stewart