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Need help?

Do you need a hand making an interesting character? Well, this is exactly what you need! It offers pointers on how to build a very interesting, well-rounded, easy to RP character whose back-story is a compelling tale. It also helps you get enough bulk into your submission forum improving chances of approval.

Step One- The Name

Some people say "What's in a name?" but in many cases a name can make a first impression, so choose wisely! There are a variety of websites just out there to help you in your quest. Below are a few examples.

Step Two- The Age

This is more important than how it may first appear. The character's age can determine which model you should use, how she/he behaves, how what should be covered in the history section, etc.

Step Three- The Appearance

Think carefully about what you want your character to look like, then try to put it into words. No one is going to judge you for making a mistake. Try to be expressive and detailed, you want the reader to be able to paint a picture with your words.

Step Four- The Personality

Think about how your character behaves. Think about typical behaviour for their age, twist it in unique ways to make it a crafted personality. Remember- think about WHY they are like this as it will help with history. Below are a few examples of sites to help define your characters personality.

Step Five- The History

The history will probably be the most lengthy part. Was there a major event in your characters life? Who has your character met? How or where were they educated? Who are they affiliated with, and why? Have they affected positively or negatively by family members or friends? Try to put this in great detail.

There you go!