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Gracília Nicodemo

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" I wasn't born yesterday, let's not pretend I was. "
Full Name Gracília Nicodemo
Family Nicodemo
Ethnicity Portuguese
Native Language Portuguese
Languages Spoken Portuguese, English
Accent English
Birthplace Portugal
Birth date November 26th
Occupation Polícia de Segurança Pública (Public Security Police)
Affiliation Portugal
Likes Cuisine, Literature, Cinema
Dislikes Alcohol
Fears/Phobia Blindness
Character flaw Easily distracted

About Gracília Nicodemo
Gracília Constança Nicodemo was born in Guarda, Portugal, her mother and father immigrated to America when she was two. She had a very normal upbringing the majority of her life, she made a lot of friends in Smyrna, the small town she called home. Staying close with the ones she had made first, having no siblings, she became very popular. Everyone that knew her, had at least two friends, who had at least two friends, who had two friends that knew her name if not her swore they knew her face. Bored of all the attention and all the drama, she went back to Portugal.

After Gracília's 12th birthday, she and her father returned to Portugal, she was so excited to be in a new place. She had not set foot in Portugal since she left as a little girl, staying with her família da mãe, and her father for a few short months before her father returned to her mother is South Carolina. Her father leaving made Gracília a little nervous she was still with her família materna which reminded her of of her mother. Within her first three years in Aveiro, she was forced to leave to join her família do pai in Guarda, where her father was born.

Gracília was a sweet girl, boisterous and fun growing up. When all of the drama that goes with being a popular face in the crowd became tedious to her she left that bubblegum girl behind, turned into a convincing punk. She is still boisterous and fun, the nice girl is a lot harder to see. Gracília does not work as hard to make a good impression, worry if people like her, either they will or they will not. Those few true friends back in Smyrna, South Carolina might not ever recognize their one time friend.

Her father's old Volkswagen Sharan