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FULL NAME: Tatenda Chipunza

BIRTHPLACE: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

DOB: October 8th



MOTHER: Mandida Chipunza (née Moyo), Neutral

FATHER: Tongai Chipunza, Optivus

SIBLINGS: Garikai Chipunza, 5 years younger, Neutral; Chidiwa Marufu (née Chipunza), 6 years younger, Neutral

OTHER IMPORTANT FIGURES: Jekuche Chipunza (Uncle), Vanesu Chipunza (Aunt), Watipa, Zvamaita, Rangarirai & Nqobile Chipunza (Cousins), Babandiishe Chipunza (Grandfather), Huan Chipunza (Grandmother)

HISTORY: Tatenda was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to Mandida Chipunza (née Moyo) and Tongai Chipunza. Tatenda was cherished by her parents to say the least — as a baby, her father didn't even like to set her down. Why should he, when he could hold her?

When Tatenda was 5 and 6, her little siblings were born. First, her 5-years-young brother Garikai, and then a year after Garikai, Chidiwa. At first Tatenda hated them — why were her parents so excited about these crying babies? But as they because older, Tatenda started to like them.

Tatenda was 14 — Garikai was 9, Chidiwa was 8 — when disaster stuck. No one knew, but Tongai had been working with the Optivus. He didn't tell anyone, not wanting to endanger them. But the Council had found where he was. It was 11:47 pm, and the kids were asleep but Tongai and Mandida where still up, talking, when the Council came. They killed them both. The Council people looked through all the rooms in the apartment, and found no one else. The one place they didn't think to look was the balcony. That was a hot night, and on hot nights, the Chipunza kids slept on the balcony.

So in the morning, the kids woke up, to find their parents dead. Tatenda went into shook, Chidiwa started crying, Garikai ran screaming into the hallway of the apartment building. Their neighbors came when their heard Garikai, and called the government. The government contacted their uncle, Jekuche, who took custody of them.

So the Chipunza kids moved to a rural area, where their uncle lived with his family. His family consisted of his wife Vanesu, their kids, Watipa, Zvamaita, Rangarirai, and Nqobile, and Jekuche and Tongai's parents. Tatenda and her siblings quickly fell into a comfortable pattern of life with their uncle, aunt, cousins and grandparents.

Once they were grown, and Tatenda and her siblings eventually found out the truth about their parents deaths. Tatenda joined the Optivus herself, while Garikai and Chidiwa stayed Neutral. Garikai tried to join the Optivus too, but Tatenda stopped him, saying it was dangerous and that as oldest it was her job. And eventually he got triad of arguing with her about it and stopped trying to join.

STRENGTHS: Fast, accurate (precise), driven

WEAKNESSES: Distant, cold, emotionally fragile

PERSONALITY: Tatenda is reserved, plain and simple. She was very close to her parents, and having them killed when she was 14 — and not finding out why for 8 years — has taken it's toll on her. Tatenda acts like she's strong inside, but it wouldn't take too much for shatter. She loves her family fiercely — her siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunt and uncle. But to the rest of the world Tatenda is cold, and rather aloof. She thinks fast, and is very driven — a perfectionist.

DESCRIPTION: Tatenda is small, no matter how to you look at it. Both short and slender, she has a small frame regardless.


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