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FULL NAME: Janelle Nevahita Smaire

NICKNAME: Nevahita, Neva, Jane, Janie

BIRTHPLACE: Duluth, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

DOB: 11/14/94

CURRENT RESIDENCE: 1475 1/2 Bennett's Pasture Rd.


MOTHER: Agina, 47, Small Business Owner, Neutral

FATHER: James, 52, Starbucks Employee, Optivus 

SIBLINGS: Sara, 14, Optivus

OTHER IMPORTANT FIGURES: ,Aunt Josana (deceased), Poof her pomerainian

HISTORY: Growing up in a small town, Jane learned to fend for herself and for her sister Sara. She loves her dog Poof and cares a whole lot about Sara. She lives out behind her parent's house with her boyfriend in an oversized shed. She enjoys the company of her friends and family, but is shy, and somewhat very anxious around new people. She permanently damaged her right knee when hiking with her best friend Olivia, when she accidentaly slipped on some mud and fell down a short hill. She had to stay in the hospital for a month. When she was very young, she had a lung problem, and had surgery four times. She is healthy now, but cannot drink any alchohal or any achoholic beverages. When she was about seven, she became immensly popular, and she didn't know why. Apparently the kids at school made fun of her for learning how to knit. She was angry and she developed a record for breaking a couple noses in her early middle school years.

She never really understood school, and later on dropped out, just to be enrolled again. She is currently going to UMD for college. Her current major is journalism, and she wants to be a song writer when she completes her college courses. In her shed/home, she keeps many academic achievement awards and sport trophies in a trunk under her bed. She stores photos of an unnamed nine year old in the trunk, along with her high school diploma. Her boyfirend, Cody, let her decorate the shed by herself, so now he's stuck in a purple bedroom with butterflies on the wall. Neva is a strong-headed girl, and doesn't give a care about what people say about her.

STRENGTHS: Music, Art, Knitting

WEAKNESSES: She's very ticklish, hates asparagus, and if you touch her song book, she will hurt you.

PERSONALITY: Jane is an intelligent, strong, and kind girl who can be easily angered. She gets frustrated but eventually figures things out. She is very romantic and caring. She loves afternoon strolls in the forrest behind her parent's house. She is very creative and loves animals and loves art. She is quite shy, but is really loud and fun once you get to know her. She can sometimes be carefree, but often overprotective. She loves funny jokes and nice people. She can tend to be rude and jerkish to people who tick her off, but normally isn't. She is occasionally really mean and depressed, but not very often. Overall, she's a down-right good person to hang out with.

DESCRIPTION: Janelle has soft blue eyes and bright non-dyed red hair. Her eyes tend to be wider apart than normal, but her mom says it';s natural. She is very tall and thin, and has back issue with standing up straight. She appears to be very pretty and athletic. She has long pale fingers, perfect for the instruments she plays, piano and violin. She has small barely-there ears and a tiny little nose. She has a bright white smile, that can be seen almost all times of day. She normally has her hair in a messy bun, but occasionally straightens it. She has never had trouble getting guys becuase of her model-like body structure. She has a couple scars on her stomach and one on her shoulder blade. She also has two birthmarks, one on the sole of her foot, shaped like a small Hawaiian island, and the other on her lower back, that looks like a firework.

ROLEPLAYED BY: iheartsevsnape

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