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FULL NAME: Enna Madison Jourdain

BIRTHPLACE: Marion, Iowa, America

DOB: August 26



MOTHER: Daisy Jennifer Jourdain, 36, Unemployed, Neutral

FATHER: Julian William Jones, 40, Accountant, Neutral

SIBLINGS: Liana Murphy (17, Neutral); Noah Jourdain (6, Neutral); Taylor Shaw (15, Neutral)

OTHER IMPORTANT FIGURES: Her maternal grandmother

HISTORY: Enna's family is, to put it simply, dysfunctional, with half-siblings via both her mother and father, and alcohol abuse and the occasional social worker visits.

Enna was her mother's second child. Her first child, Enna's sister Liana, was born when Daisy was 19. Enna was born 5 years later. And then 6 years younger than Enna is her little brother Noah, a smiley, dark haired boy with the eyes made of grey and amber. They all had different dads, who floated in and out of the little house where they lived near the edge of town. Liana's father took on the role in her life. Enna's didn't really play any role in her life, but she saw him a little, but he always sent her a birthday card with money in it, every year. Noah father didn't give a damn about anything.

When Enna had just turned 8 (and Liana was 13 and Noah was 2, almost 3) they were taken out of their mother's custody while she was sent to alcohol abuse rehab. Liana's father took her, and Enna and Noah were sent to their gran. Their gran was a kind woman, although not quite equipped to handle them.

After rehab, they went back to their mother. But when she relapsed when Enna was 11, Gran wasn't healthy enough to take them in, and Enna and Noah got put in foster care. After one awful foster home, she got put in a reasonable children's home. But when they told her she was being put in another foster home, she ran away. And she's been on the run ever since.

STRENGTHS: Determined, fast, independent

WEAKNESSES: Young, penniless, ignorant

PERSONALITY: Enna is a sweet person at heart. She is “older” than anyone her age should be. She hates the feeling of vulnerably and hides behind sarcasm and bitter humor.

DESCRIPTION: Enna’s hair is a light-brown and yellow blond, and quite curly. Her eyes are an amber colored, touched with grey. Her lips are often curved into a mischievous smile or a look of grim determination.


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