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FULL NAME: Adrienne Zoé Tremblay

BIRTHPLACE: Jonquière, Québec, Canada

DOB: April 16th

CURRENT RESIDENCE: An apartment in Ville de Québec

AFFILIATION: The Council, Canada

MOTHER: Jeannine Alexandra Tremblay, 49, Editor, Neutral

FATHER: Samuel François Côté, 52, Varies, Neutral

SIBLINGS: None, she's an only child

OTHER IMPORTANT FIGURES: Florence (her dearest and oldest friend), Clara (her maternal grandmother)

HISTORY: Her parents, Jeannine Tremblay and Samuel Côté, had been together for about 2 years when on April 16th, their baby, a girl who would soon be named Adrienne Zoé Tremblay, was born.

When Adrienne was 3 years old, her parents split up. She still saw her dad some, but not much. She and her mother continued to live in their apartment in Jonquière. Thought out her childhood, her best friend was the little girl across the hall: Florence. At school she met her other two good friends, Frédérique and Ariane.

Every single weekend, without fail, Adrienne and her mother went to visit her grandmother, Clara. Clara’s husband had died before Adrienne was born and Clara lived alone on the other side of the city. And when Adrienne was 14, and Clara got sick, she moved in with them until she got better, and then when she did get will again, she just never moved out. Clara lived with them until her death, when Adrienne was 21.

From ages 10-18, she did aerialists, which is something between dance and gymnastics. She absolutely loves it, and wishes she could still do it. She also likes both reading and writing.

STRENGTHS: Debate, her ability to think things thought and figure them out, and (perhaps uselessly) aerialists

WEAKNESSES: Stubbornness, refusing to compromise, her ADD

PERSONALITY: She’s intelligent, and can be very focused and rather intense. But she’s also a dreamer, with an airy sort of quality about her. She’s stubborn, and won’t give in, and often compromise when she really ought to, because she sees it as giving in and settling for less.

DESCRIPTION: She had blond, slightly wavy hair, with darker undertones. Her eyes are a jade colour, somewhere between green, blue, and grey. Different colours show up more, depending on the light and what she’s wearing. She has a slender build, but not extremely so.


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