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Esteban Villanueva

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One way or the other.
Full Name Esteban Villanueva
Family Villanueva
Ethnicity Spanish
Native Language Spanglish (Spanish/English)
Languages Spoken Spanglish (Spanish/English)
Accent N/A
Birthplace Council Housing - North America
Birth date July 19th
Occupation Unemployed
Affiliation Neutral
Likes Music, Traveling
Dislikes Rest stops
Fears/Phobia Fatal vehicular accidents
Character flaw Secretive

About Esteban Villanueva
Esteban is the young son of two Spanish-Americans, he was born in Council Housing Barracks in during his father's employment. His mother and father had been approved for placement a year before learning of the pregnancy. Like so many others, when Esteban was born his chips were implanted, and his birth was official. Esteban was born under 'Council Authority', Esteban therefore received something else along side his implants reserved for Council members.

He had a very happy childhood, he went to excellent schools, he had a lot of friends, and his parents made a considerable amount of money. When his father left to join Optivus, things changed. The Council had his family relocated because of the broken contact his father incurred with the Housing Authority. His mother became depressed over their 'black list' status. She eventually remarried someone higher up with an even less desirable reputation. Esteban left to find his father soon after the marriage, he never liked his step-father, his mother was happy again and he saw no reason to stick around when he had better things to do.

Esteban keeps the fact the he is a 'council baby' to himself. He left his parents home and Council Housing as soon as he was able. He is living is very quiet but he has an engrained sense of justice. His parents chose the Council and he respects that, his father left his family for Optivus he respects that too, though neither of those choices are choices he would have made.

His father's (sidearm from before he joined Optivus, a) Third generation Glock 19.