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Eduardo Marino

This Character belongs to Kiraly

Eduardo Joaquin Marino.jpg
Full Name Eduardo Joaquin Marino
Birthday February 1st, 1977
Birthplace Puerto Arica, Colombia
Current Residence
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs
Ethnicity Colombian
Family Marino
Affiliation -


Eduardo is a complicated man, he was born into a neutral family and earned his the attention of the Council during his high school career. He was given a scholarship and offered an internship within Law Enforcement. After successfully completing his internship and four years of international shipping he joined the Council becoming the model Council Law Enforcement Agent, he was sent on an undercover mission to join with the self proclaimed Freedom Fighters of Optivus. He worked for years, fooling himself at times, forgetting which side he belonged to, and who he really was.

His identity has changed multiple times, he is a master of disguise and both sides know this, the problem with this is his ability. He has been back and forth from Optivus to the Council, working his way from the ground up and back again. He has been discovered as a traitor reprogrammed and sent back out. He has been 'reset' so many times the lives he has been portraying have been more fulfilling than the life he once lived. Thoughts about his different lives with the Council come to him as a daydreams on bad days.

He gets flashbacks of his old lives, names faces, and people he has encountered from these previous lives. Very few things have been memorable enough to make an impact, and by the time he can piece anything together from these fragments of memories he has forgotten something else. If it weren't for his massive brawn, natural athletic ability, and versatility he would have been decommissioned after his first few 'resets', with every name change comes a sensory memory recode. Eduardo suffers from after shocks due to the excessive number of times he has undergone the 'treatment'. His real name isn't even Eduardo, but he can't remember what it is.


He is quite and laid back, he is a big man though he does not make a show of his strength unless he is using it as a warning. His is a very focused man, and does not like to stray from his goal. He is brave and serious when he works. He has an annoying habit of asking the opinion of others but ultimately doing what he wanted to.