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Devyn Blake

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Full Name Devyn Georgeanna Creighton Blake
Birthday December 13th
Birthplace Winchester, West Virginia
Current Residence Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5'6
Weight 120lbs
Ethnicity English (American)
Family Blake and Kenrick
Affiliation Neutral
Roleplayer Frejah

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Devyn Blake - Software Engineer
Talk - Neutral
"Sugar and spice and everything nice ..."


Devyn Georgeanna C. Blake was born in Winchester and brought up in Harper's Ferry until the age of 19 when her mother and father - Fox Creighton and Georgeanna Blake - separated, their small family torn to even smaller factions. Winchester for Devyn and her father, Greenland for Georgeanna and her elder daughters. Devyn spoke rarely with either sister of her mother, but she did have a habit of pitting their guilt against one another. Devyn often manipulated them all into bi-monthly family gatherings.

Though her mother and father never re-married, they both maintained side relationships throughout their marriage. Her mother go for more powerful Council women, and her mother left her father for wealthier Optivus men. Georgeanna acted out of spite, she never let her true feelings show, and not since has she said a word to Fox about her love for him. He was very upset about Georgeanna leaving, he became depressed. He spiraled into destructively self-abusive, and reckless behavior for a long time. This was very dangerous for Devyn, It is the foundation of her ferociously protective nature.

At the age of nineteen Devyn met a man he taught her wilderness survival skills, she and her father discussed her learning this very thing and she never appreciated his insisting until she learned. Orrin Xavier was everything Devyn dreamed of, she learned very quickly from his tutelage close quarter combat, deadly knife wielding skills, and how to track and hunt naturally. By her mid twenties Orrin was poised to father Devyn's child. Her father had reached an old, and glorious age of 75, he had taken very good care of himself. Aside from mental ailments he was doing very well, and continued to receive Council benefits. At the point where he could no longer recognize people, or his location his B.R.A.S.S. benefits were severed and he was offered Elderly Housing.

The day after Rhiannon was born, Devyn received a letter from the Kenrick family, it was from Orrin's mother. She was claiming to want visitation of her granddaughter, she had the birth records and blood work completed after Rhiannon's birth. Devyn did not accept these terms as long as her father was alive, his housing benefits were sent to his Caretaker (Devyn). Well into his mid nineties, her father died peacefully in his sleep. On that day Florence Kenrick arrived at modest Blake Manor. Devyn worked unbelievable hard, she cared for her father taking multiple jobs to provide for him, and raise her daughter. She had left Orrin, behind well before now. His lifestyle was not the life her daughter deserved. How Rhiannon was raised, that is exactly how it meant to be. Devyn frequently tells herself this, when dealing with Florence.

Devyn and Florence have a tumultuous relationship, not uncommon for mother and daughter-in-law. Although they fight constantly, in public they placate the façade that the Kenrick and Blake families support one another. Devyn and Rhiannon moved onto Kenrick property after Florence's daughter, her sister-in-laws moved out. The girls love Devyn and Rhiannon, they love how much their mother hates Devyn but seems to adore Rhiannon. Florence has never once given Devyn a compliment, and Devyn does not expect one. According to Florence the strong Allsop bloodline is the reason Rhiannon is so beautiful. Orrin has never been informed officially of Rhiannon, her birth of the proximity to his biological family. A fact Devyn believes that Florence is using their presence in her home to hold over her eldest child's head.


Devyn is very tough, she was born and raised neutral in an Optivus household. She doesn't take any crap from anyone ever. She is ferocious and very protective of her loved ones. She chose to live a Council life in Harper's Ferry because it was the best way she could protect her own, her daughter Rhiannon.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strengths:Determined, patient, and secretive

Weaknesses:Her daughter


An assortment of daggers

Computer gadgetry