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Delaney Reagan

This Character belongs to Belle

'With me walking on egg shells takes on a whole new meaning.'
Full Name Delaney Reagan
Family Reagan
Ethnicity American

(South African by birth)

Native Language English
Languages Spoken English
Accent (American) English
Birthplace South Africa
Birth date June 3rd
Occupation Stewardess
Affiliation Neutral
Likes Public Records, Encrypted files
Dislikes Computer viruses
Fears/Phobia The truth
Character flaw Unstable

About Delaney Reagan
Delaney was born in the Republic of Seychelles (Seychelles), South Africa, she maintains dual citizenship. Her mother and father traveled, extensively, being pregnant with Delaney wasn't going to stop them, even after she was born they continued to leave the country. Leaving Delaney with a family member (an Aunt she calls mom). Her parents were on a return trip from Ghana when Delaney was three months old. They died.

Delaney was reared in an average upper class environment, she knows nothing of her biological parents believing the fraud that she was living to be her life. During the 'big move' when her mother and father relocated to Council Housing she discovered her Birth Certificate. Inwardly, Delaney changed. She was in a sense paranoid, she felt everyone was out to get her. From her point of view her life had been a lie, now she was free to seek the truth.

Delaney is very unpredictable, she may appear to be average and unnoticeable but within a moments notice she become crazed, almost manic. She has a socially crippling paranoia, the underlying sense that the world is against her. She can function as a normal person but she has a tendency to be affected negatively by triggers — anything from objects and animals to someone's turn of phrase.

Handheld computer

Ear plugs