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Dahlia Moon
Council Representative
(This Character belongs to Kira)

Dahlia Moon2.png
Full Name Dahlia Aethelthryth Moon
Birthday January 18th
Birthplace Placer County, California
Current Residence Whitehorn Manor
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5'7
Weight 110lbs
Ethnicity American
Family Moon
Affiliation The Council - North America
Roleplayer Kira


Dahlia is a name of Latin origin it considered both an English and Swedish name.

Aethelthryth is a name of Old English origin, derived from aethel meaning noble and thryth meaning strength.

Moon is a name considered both English and French. The meaning is one who came from Mohon, in France; dweller at the sign of the moon; one who was a slender person; descendant of +'Mocháin.


Dahlia Aethelthryth Moon
was born in the state of California, she is the youngest daughter of Oliver Whitehorn and Maxine Romsey-Whitehorn. Sister to Eleanor, Idris, Ava and Aidan. Dahlia and her siblings were raised under difficult circumstances, their mother and father — Oliver and Maxine — had not married for love, they married for wealth and title. The Whitehorn family and the Moon family were not Council members, but they were known to rub elbows with every Representative known to man, even those that sought to keep their title from being public knowledge.

Dahlia, as the youngest, didn't understand that there were any problems in her family — she had everything she needed and the family always 'looked' happy. The older Dahlia became and the more her siblings complained of the disarray the family was in, the more Dahlia saw her mother and father for who they were — Opportunists. It didn't bother her as much as it seemed to plague her siblings; to Dahlia, by being this way they secured a comfortable life for their children at the expense of their own personal happiness. She saw it as a sacrifice they made in the name of family, and she was inspired by it.

At the age of 22, Dahlia married Ulysses Moon; she did 'care' for him, in some ways but, like her mother and father before her, the couple were not in love. Marrying for security and privilege, Ulysses and Dahlia had what appeared to be a perfect relationship. She was on the rise to securing her own seat on the Council and Ulysses was the man who made that possible. From the outside looking in, Ulysses supported his wife unstintingly; he was off in the distance at every Summit and in photographs right beside, behind or in front of her in every news report. From the inside out, the couple were quite sick of one another.


Dahlia very average looking despite her slightly above standard height, slim figure, wavy red-brown hair, and charming blue eyes. She has flawless skin a large forehead, a wide nose and full lips. Dahlia occasionally dresses elegantly feminine to catch eyes, preferring to blend in more in formal Council environments.


Very strong minded and serious but with a zany sense of humor. Full of determination and ambition. Knows what she wants and goes for it. Has a good head for business and is excellent at noticing money-generating opportunities. Enthusiastically enterprising, not driven by materialistic things. Usually finds it easy and natural to take charge and is seldom bossy. Prefers to utilize firmness and motivation to fight just causes. On the outside appears a little distant emotionally, but underneath is a genuine warm and caring person.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Pioneering helpfulness and sensible but witty demeanor.

A bit naive socially and uncharacteristically immature in certain circumstances. Prone to being easily distracted.


Mother Maxine Romsey-Whitehorn Father Oliver Whitehorn
Sister Eleanor Romsey-Whitehorn Sister Idris Romsey
Sister Ava Whitehorn Brother Aiden Whitehorn
Husband Ulysses Moon
 Romsey         Whitehorn
  Airianne + Derrin   Paget + Malachi
           |                |
         Maxine     +    Oliver
      |        |     |    |      |
    Eleanor  Idris  Ava   Aiden  |
                             Dahlia + Ulysses


Whitehorn Manor
EM daggers, Telescopic Sonic batons