Sign up your Council member character here, include a link to the character, the name of the country you wish to represent and a link to your userpage. You character will not become a member until the ACCEPTED.

Each citizen, is born implanted with voice automated technology, and biometric identification. Each citizen of age is allowed by law sanctioned laser weaponry, flying vehicles, and approved futuristic devices.

When signing up a character they must represent one of these continents  :

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Name Continent - Country User Accepted
Dahlia Moon North America Kira ACCEPTED
Adrienne Tremblay North America - Canada Rabbit ACCEPTED
Lily Crestford Europe - UK Lilly ACCEPTED
Carlotta Puritano Europe - Italy Frejah ACCEPTED
Frederika Gebhard Europe - Russia Belle ACCEPTED
Hayden Stewart Europe - France Dmullins ACCEPTED
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