Chlöe Kennedie
(This character was created by Belle Linda)
Chlöe Jade Kennedie
Birthday February 29th
Native Language English
Height 5'5
Eye Colour Grey (Varies)
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour Light
Occupation (former) Bartender

About Chlöe

Chlöe Kennedie was adopted by Celeste and Mason Kennedie as a small child. Celeste was unable to conceive, the couple were never certain that adoption was the right choice for them until they learned that Mason was sterile. Without the option to start their family 'the natural' way, they looked into adoption and very soon found little Chlöe. Chlöe Jade Kennedie, as she came to be called was a Kennedie from the moment they set eyes on her.

She was a darling child, quiet and happy. Chlöe almost never cried as an toddler, she laughed and smiled all the time. The quicker she aged the more Celeste and Mason worried of telling her she was adopted. They never imagined how it would make Chlöe feel to know that the two people she loved most in the world were no one to her. They believed she would want to know where she came from, any biological concerns only they would know.

Chlöe took the news in stride, on her face she kept a smile. "Ok." was all she said. A little bothered, only because it dampened the world she thought she knew. Chlöe loved Mason and Celeste, them 'adopting' her meant nothing. Her bio 'rents had given her up with not much care as to what would happen to her. With that thought she felt — lucky. Lucky to be alive, and lucky that the Kennedie's had saved her, and given her the family everyone deserves to have.

Full Name Chlöe Jade Kennedie
Pronunciation KLOH-ee
Meaning Verdant and blooming
Nickname Chlo
Chlöe Jade Kennedie

The name Chlöe comes from one of the many name for the Greek goddess Demeter, Khloe, its meaning is young green shoot and one who loves friends. It is a variant of its own with the inclusion of the umlaut (two dots) over the letter ö.

The name Jade is English and French, derived from the Spanish piedra de la ijada, which means "stone of the colic." There was a belief that when jade was placed on the stomach, it could cure colic in babies.

The name Kennedie, alternately O'Kennedy and Kennedy, is an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cinnéidigh meaning "descendent of Cennétig".

Birthplace Unknown
Type of Childhood Happy
Earliest Memory 5th birthday
Pets Australian Shepherd ; Baron

Likes Conversation, Animals
Dislikes Aggression
Handedness Right
Shoe size 37
Clothing Style Feminine
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthstone: Amethyst, Bloodstone or Onyx
Birth flower: Iris
Favorite Scent: Cooked meat, Seafood
Favorite Drink: Herbal tea
Favorite Sweet: Blondie
Childhood fear Monsters
Phobia (Biological diseases)
Hobbies Running (with Baron), Shooting (guns, bows or crossbows)
Comfort Food(s) Hong Kong-style French toast - Savory Crêpes - bœuf bourguignon
Vices Distorted body image
Secrets Knows she was adopted
Person She Secretly Admires Celeste
Most Influenced By Herself
Immediate Goals Find her biological family
Long Term Goals Not ostracize the Kennedie's


She is soft spoken and friendly, she does not like to be crossed. Chlöe can flip her lid immediately, this is why she chooses to be sociable. She would much rather have a conversation with someone than make a promise to end their life. That is just no fun. ... all the time. Chlöe likes to be liked but she will not ever let anyone walk all over her, if someone does not she Chlöe the way she would like to be seen there is no place for them in her life. Chlöe is a sweet looking girl, but she's a lady, and ladies shouldn't be messed with.


Father Mason Kennedie Biological Father Unknown
Mother Celeste Kennedie (David) Biological Mother Unknown
Siblings N/A Biological Siblings Unknown

David Kennedie
 Joceline + Benoit   Mansel + Lorin 
    |                |
 Celeste      +      Mason

Strengths and Weaknesses


Friendly, Sharp-minded, Honest


Sensitive, Rebellious, Stubborn


Century City Townhouse

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