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Somnium (SOM-nee-ooh-ma) means 'dream' or 'hallucination' in Latin. I (Lilly) chose this as it fitted with the family's mixed disorders and their rather crooked lives. Also, they, to some degree, think life itself is a dream.

General Info[]


Each member, due to deep rooted history for mental disorders, has a sort of disorder. The members are listed here. If you would like one, contact Lilly or Rabbit.

Lyssa Somnium – Lilly – Schizophrenic
Leah Somnium – Raby – Undiagnosed, suspected mental disability
Adina Somnium née Delirus – Agoraphobia
Maximilian Somnium – Graphomania (Graphorrhea)


Kira Somnium – Cousin, Bipolar


When Bethlem was founded in 1247, the ancestors of their family were among the first to be put in it. Their genetics hold many various forms of craziness. Their heritage is mostly equal parts English, Scottish, and Italian.

Branches of the Family[]


They consist of agoraphobic Adina Somnium (née Delirus), and her seriously graphomaniac husband, if that's the right word, Maximilian Somnium, and their 2 daughters; schizophrenic Lyssa Somnium and insane Leah Somnium. They live in Vermont, in America. Their house is rather large; Adina chose it, since for her, her house is her whole world.

Adina is the driving force of the family. While inside, she's relatively sane. She cares for her husband and daughters and keeps the house up. Just getting them to eat is a job: getting Maximilian to stop writing long enough to eat a quick meal, getting Lyssa to not be scared to eat her food, getting Leah to focus long enough to actually eat anything. Every night, she has to make Lyssa feel that it's safe enough to sleep, get Leah to stop wandering from room to room and lay down, and get Maximilian to stop writing.


Family Tree[]

                         Alasdair + Elspet
      Adamina + John              |
              |   Teresa + Manuel |
Glenna + Gian |          |        |
       |      |       Anthony + Aileen
   Eligius + Amy     _________|__________
           |         |                  |
        Adina + Maximilian           Taylor + Francis 
          ____|___                          |
          |      |                         Kira
        Lyssa   Leah

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