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The members of Optivus are the people of society who refuse to be controlled, they do not believe that Council has any of the right they have bestowed upon themselves to track, regulate, and take from them. Each member of Optivus, has had their implants (voice automated tech, and biometric identification) removed. This advantage makes them more difficult to locate, and identify, but it also make leaves them vulnerable and often weakend. Without easy data recognition concerning their specific requirements, the smallest cut, and even the common cold could lead to death without proper treatment.

Optivus members are Freedom Fighters, they will not stand idly by while The Council 'pretends' to be the savior of the Earth while stealthy undermining the people's free will. Eponine Squires was a pivotal member of their society and he kept them in line. Without structure the organization is seen as a bevy of miscreants.

A member of Optivus differs from the people who consider themselves "Neutral" because they do not affiliate on regular terms with Council what-so ever, they are often wanted and labeled 'criminals'. They usually cannot be witnessed in public as someone, somewhere is liable to spot them and report a sighting.

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