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Møller crest.jpg
   (Vidis) Haine    -   (Kaiser) Møller 
  Serina-Geneva - Heinrock   Izaak - Melli 
           |                       |
  Laurelei Maddalyn + Reginald Oberon
           |     |      |      |     |
             Elijah Jacob  Peter  Paul  Abraham
Motto:Virtute ingenioque valemus

Motto: Translation:We are strong because our virtue and talent

The German Møller family consists of Laurelei and Reginald, the current matriarch and patriarch, and their adult sons Elijah, Jacob, Peter, Paul, and Abraham.

The family at its roots are neutral with branches every other generation splintering off in support of something they are passionate about be it positive or negative. The most recent family members to follow this trend are Peter, who left familiar neutrality to join the Council's Housing Authority, and Abraham, who left to pursue as permanent a position as one could get among the followers of Optivus.

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