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The Council of Representatives, Council members (Councilmen and women) are a small to large group of international dignitaries from every nation.

All those accepted are the members of society who ; retain their tech implant (chips), were raised, have lived, or currently have family residing in Council Housing, or were ever employed as within Council Headquarters. The easiest way onto Council is by blood, marriage or the most difficult way through merit.

Current Council members, the Councilmen and women with floor access at Summits are the G8, Representatives from the follow 8 countries; America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Japan. These select group of individuals receive the heights level of security (including access to security grade weapons), and Council accommodations in every location with a functioning HQ.

Since its inception, a formula was developed, property was secured and the G8 members of Council found a way to conduct "experiments" upon residents of the property. Made legal with uncomprehendingly inclusive verbiage written into the housing contracts. When renters, or "owners" moved in they themselves became property.

When Eponine Squires threatened the very first 'Housing' trials, the property was quickly renovated, and subsequently branded as the prototype for Council (subsidized) housing. Offered to Law Enforcement, local and international. It would be known as C.L.E.O. Barracks.

When the gas formula was perfected The Council Housing Authority was created and subsidezed housing was offered to all Council HQ employees.

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