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Carlotta Puritano
Rappresentante Italia - Rappresentante Europa
(This Character belongs to Frejah)

Lotta Puritano.jpg
Full Name Carlotta Febe Puritano
Birthday May 19th
Birthplace Lazzaro, Italy
Current Residence -
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5'6
Weight 130lbs
Ethnicity Italian
Family Puritano
Affiliation The Council - Italy
Roleplayer Frejah

Carlotta Puritano.jpg
Carlotta Puritano - Italia
Talk - Rappresentante Italia - Rappresentante Europa
"Buongiorno a voi. Il mio nome è Carlotta Puritano, rappresentante di Europa."


Carlotta Febe Puritano is the daughter of Eulalia and Carlo Puritano (former) European Representative, she is the granddaughter of Biagio and Narcissa Puritano, also (former) European Representatives. Carlotta was brought up in a very, very strict environment, she has a distant-functioning relationship with her mother and father due to their choice in employment. They were barely there to leave a lasting mark in her life except for public outings which had been set up for the press to see the Puritano family as happy and well rounded.

Rebelling very slightly as she came of age, she wore a lot of make-up, she got piercings, and tattoos, she even started to sneak out. She only wore make-up when her parents were around to see it, the piercings not in her ears and tattoos she received were easily hidden under her clothing and she would always return home just before dawn. Her parents to this day unaware of her tattoos. Her au pair Norina has have never mentioned it to either of parent.

When Carlotta became a legal adult she left the sanctuary of Puritano Manor and Norina, to be free. She traveled the world and came to miss Norina much more than she missed her mother or her father. At one point becoming so home sick she had Norina meet her in New Zealand. Norina has not since let Carlotta out her sight again. The two are very close and are even mistaken for blood relatives.


Charismatic, logical deep thinker, can be more rash and less cooperative than most. Highly motivated and full of initiative with humanitarian values. A mix of sharp intellect and capable independence directs firm, set views and instinctive ability to look to the future. Very self assured on the surface, warm and sentimental inside but emotionally prone to be quite insecure. Abundance of energy, leadership qualities and confidence in your abilities are well directed. Loves giving advice but will rarely ask for it. Responsible lovable communicator with the inclination to sometimes act first before thinking of the consequences.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Straightforward industriousness and high levels of motivation. Admirable sense of responsibility and fairness giving a calm, competent unprejudiced approach to everything.

Rashness and tendencies to be once in a while too headstrong and stubborn. Behaves in a controlling, unruly and opinionated manner particularly if feelings or pride have been hurt.