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Double-Edged Sword

Full Name Carlos Alfred Santaño
Birthday December 27
Birthplace Madrid,Spain
Current Residence Hameln
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5'6
Weight 127lb
Ethnicity Spanish, French, German, Italian, American
Family Santaño
Affiliation Council
Roleplayer Lills


Evelyn and Richard Santaño and family were massive Optivus supporters from the beginning; their family were hidden - not terribly well known in the Spanish society but generally avoided due to people feeling a dark aura around the lot of them. The family had history of splintering off into branches - the majority to an Optivus life and a minority following the Council like lost sheep.

Evelyn and Richard expected their son to follow them down the dark path, and so were very controlling of their son's interactions. This method caused Carlos to wish to rebel against their rules, the shackles that bound him to a path he did not particularly wish to take himself down. And at that moment the idea of spying came into his head - a spark. He could grow close to Optivus and pass on information to the council. His parents would never know,it would please them and he could also follow his own path.

So, when he was old enough he offered up himself, and became the spy he had envisioned as a child. Optivus would have called him the Council's plastic plaything, but he didn't believe that. So slowly he seemed to become a double edged sword, not realising how dangerous leading a double life was until he was too far in to get out.

To cover up his business whilst on the job he has told his other family - who know nothing of his crisis - that he is a budding author. He moved to Germany and lives in the German council base. It's quite plush. According to Optivus, he is their spy - they have no idea that their asset is a double edged blade. He feeds false information to them supplied to him by the Council - usually by his wife, Lily Crestford - the only person who knows anything of his situation.

Carlos and his wife live in Britain mainly, although they go over to Hameln in Germany often. When he lives in Britain he lives in Lily' s penthouse, and when in Germany they live in an apartment by the beach, both of which Carlos describes as a more plush residence than anywhere he formerly lived.


Carlos is a very calm person, who has most likely the patience of a saint. The one wound that will be hard to heal is him being lied to by someone he viewed as a friend. He is, however, a minor kleptomaniac, but exercises some degree of control over what he takes. He is a good liar, hence why he is a spy - making him a hypocrite, depending on how you look at it. He is actually a rising author, but has to take extreme care over what he writes lest it be taken the wrong way.


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