Jaxon Pembrook2

Jax Jaxon Pembrook

A backpack wearing Jax strolled through the park. He stopped at a bench and sat down laying the backpack on the ground. Sitting in a relaxed position for a while, he began adjusting his shoes, clothes, and hair. He even lit a cigarette to make it appear he was there to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air not waiting to meet a contact.


Lysandra - Lysandra López
- C.L.E.O.
 – "When there is no end in sight, I create my own."

A fully disguised Lysa sat on the bench talking obnoxiously on a cell phone. She sat for a while, talking, laughing, shouting, and sipping a beverage. She picked up the back pack in a very sly fashion, revealing a paper lunch bag had been sitting behind it. Giving a bit of a nod to Jax, a 'nice doing business with you' she slipped the backpack strap over one shoulder, and walked off still obnoxiously talking on her cell, and sipping her beverage.
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