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Simple Rules to follow on Alter Ego Roleplay. These are basic rules and revolve around displaying common courtesy to other users. If or when these rules are broken or violated, the offending user will be informed with a Warning; multiple Warnings can result in a temporary or permanent ban.


Characters that will be Roleplayed on this wiki should be the user's very own creation; there are to be no character from a tv series, movie or book here. The same goes for character names - do not use the name of any celebrity, movie, tv, or book character.


Please do not use this wiki to promote your own site or wiki; you are free to place links on your own user page. DO NOT create pages that direct users to your wiki, website, etc. You can ask for permission to have a link of yours added as an Affiliate on the Wiki Activity page - anything beyond that is a violation.


Show that you are more mature than Trolls and Vandals by reporting them. You can give them a talking to, let them know that they have offended you or are being offensive, you can even ask them to stop. Making the mistake of using caps when you speak, or calling them names is precisely the reaction Trolls look for. Don't fall for it.

Nothing personal

Please DO NOT use this wiki to make personal attacks on other users or target their characters because you do no like them. Real Life should not intertwine with wiki life, unless it is important and keeps a user from actively participating.
Real Life comes first.

No Drama

Please keep your personal matters where they started, DO NOT come here and create pages to vent frustrations. You can have conversations and even get know other users on a personal level, involving others in the personal details of your life is done at your own risk. You were warned.

Wiki People = Real People

You might never actually see another user's face or even hear their voice, that does not mean they are not a real flesh and blood person just like you or I. Vandalism on this wiki falls into the category of anything done maliciously with the intent to hurt another person. DO NOT DO THAT HERE. Your characters can get into all sorts of mishaps and mayhem as long as all users participating have agreed to it.


There is serious work to be done here on this wiki, but you can still create your character and have it approved, explore the site. You could even help out with building up the wiki, if that is something you are familiar with. Either way this was created for you, Hope you like it.

Report Rule Violations, Vandals, Trolls and other misconduct here, here, here or here with a link to proof and/or the user's name.