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Full Name Alexa Fleur Miére
Birthday February 10
Birthplace Paris, France
Current Residence London, England
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Height 5'2
Weight 67lb
Ethnicity French
Family Miére
Affiliation Neutral
Roleplayer Lills


She has longish dark brown hair that frames her face, falling neatly down to thin shoulders. Her skin is very light, close to vampiric like pale, and she has no obvious spots or freckles. Her most distinguishing feature is her stormy grey eyes— haunted by swirling storms of dark, dark mysteries. She is of a slim build, though not anorexic.


Alexa is very sarcastic and rude when you first meet her, which inevitably leads to her being a loner. If you really annoy her she can be very icy and vicious, due to her parents' deaths. Although not evil she sort of opposes the Council as she resents them taking charge— and is not afraid to show it. She is bold, and even intimidating towards people when they oppose her ideals.


Adrianne and David met within a French café. I suppose you could call it a love at first sight instance— and those rarely happened in those days. They were compatible in every possible way. So, hence they pledged themselves to one another like a normal couple would, and soon enough they were blessed with their only child; Alexa.

Alexa was spoilt, but like every child she had her flaws— and easily the most noticeable was her stormy temper, right from birth. On the odd occasions that young Alexa was refused something, a shadow would pass across her face, and she would hurl herself into a terrible sulk.

It was when she was in her room, 14 years of age by then, having one of these sulks, that she heard the first ominous knocks at the door. The Optivus. So, her mother carefully, not knowing it was them, invited the man in. This was to be her biggest mistake.

So she and Alexa's father were talking, murmurings through the room walls came to Alexa's keen ear. Then she heard a 'No.' and two shrieks. Then the man came out and saw her.

"Hello, little one, come with me?" he asks, putting on a disguise.

"I'm not little." Alexa retorted. She went to get some stuff from her room and returned.

"Well?" the man said.

"I don't trust strangers." Alexa smiled sweetly, and fled out of the door. She fled to England with her parents' many moneys from their bank, and is still there. Hiding. So she trusts no one.


Alexa can be a bit of a jerk. This is stimulated by her parents' deaths and the way that made her personality even more vicious.

She often jumps to conclusions, often basedobased on a hatred for a person.

She's a loner because nobody wants to know her because of her intimidating personality— and this can send Alexa into a fierce depression.

She reacts in an angry manner to intimidation.


She owns a katana and is trained in the martial arts. This helps her survive in many ways.

She is clever and quick thinking, another vital  trait for survival.

She knows how to go with the crowd.



Alexa is only 15, but copes well. And what she lacks in age, she gains in endurance.


Her model is Alexis Bledel.



Alexa Miére -

"Shhh...go away! I don't want you telling people!"