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Abe's Gershaung

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Behausung is the hideout and home to Abraham Møller. It is hidden away is the Southern Germany. Abraham has always been very aggressive and, vengeful. He uses his time in this oasis to stage an escape, plant traps, accuracy and hand eye coordination training. Abraham uses the setting of this cabin to set targets for his knife and dagger skills.



Abe - Abraham Møller
Stunt Man (Optivus)

Abe snuck around his own place setting new traps and checking the old ones. A few of the traps he laid out were for people, trespassers as he referred to them and the rest were for food. He practically lived in the wilderness anything dumb enough to be caught deserved to be sustenance, unless of course it could be useful in some other way, Abe did always have very distinct inventiveness.